Saturday, May 16, 2009


The original stone ruin of the milk/cow barn had deteriorated over time. We found a local mason that used 18th Century craft technique to restore the stone walls. We preserved the original integrity of the structure and utilized the space as an outdoor living area. Below is a 2002 picture and above is a similar view in May 2009.

The bottom right picture depicts the trench for the foundation of the fireplace. This shot offers an unobstructed view of the unfinished inside of the walled outdoor living space. The picture to the left shows the completed living space from behind the fireplace chimney. Above is another shot that gives the frontal shot of the seating area at the fireplace. Both finished pictures are from Summer 2007.


Below is a picture of the barn's stable area taken in Fall 2002. Above is the restored area in May 2009. We added a water feature and living area with a floor of tumbled paving stone. We also incorporated an outdoor fireplace which will be highlighted in the next post.